Supporting Memberships

The Asheville Darkroom runs on the support of our arts-loving community! Become a Supporting Member today to ensure that Asheville has a place to learn and practice darkroom photography. Your donation is tax-deductible and will help us reach our long-term goal of becoming a photographic center for our region.

In 2015, with your support, we accomplished many feats, such as:

  • Installed a whole new sink system that greatly expanded and eased our printing abilities
  • Offered our first Analog Color class, which has added to our numbers of Color Working Members
  • Held our first Visiting Artist workshop with Alan Bean in March
  • Set a new record for Working Membership in May with 16 artists, with sustained high membership numbers throughout the year
  • Worked with individuals from groups such as Open Hearts Arts Center and Solstice East to help expand their ideas for creative expression
  • Made improvements to Silverspace that gave us more flexibility in hanging shows
  • Finished a large expansion of darkroom facilities which tripled our footage and allowed for multiple activities to happen at once

And with our upcoming plans, we hope to look forward in 2016 to:

  • Hosting more learning opportunities for groups in our community who may benefit from the darkroom as their own creative outlet
  • The ability, through the upcoming expansion of our classroom space, to have more varied programming such as lectures and screenings
  • The addition of a large UV exposure unit for alternative process printing
  • The addition of a copystand for people to document their artwork
  • The addition of an Epson Stylus Pro 7800 large format printer (as a generous partnership with the Asheville Area Arts Council)
  • The addition of new classes and workshops with an expanded roster of instructors

Need more reasons to become a Supporting Member? Watch our video to learn more why Asheville supports a community darkroom!


Supporting Membership Levels

Supporting Membership Levels

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Recurring Platinum Benefactor Level Supporting Membership – $125/month

Alternately, you can contribute your own customized donation with the button below:

We also accept checks made out to The Asheville Darkroom, which can be mailed to:
The Asheville Darkroom
109 Roberts Street, Suite 2A
Asheville, NC 28801


Step 3: Accept our gratitude! Thank you!

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