Digital Editing Basics

Thursday, October 19  (6-9pm)
Instructor: Daniel Abide
Workshop fee: $45

This three-hour workshop covers the basics of digital editing using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. It begins with film scanning (if participants have film to bring), discusses basic file types, and continues with editing and adjustments. Participants should have a laptop with Photoshop or Lightroom CS series (free trials are available for download) as well as film or digital images to work from. Minimum 3, max 5. See deposit and registration info below.


Intermediate Black & White Printing Workshop

Thursday, October 26  (6-9pm)
Instructor: Daniel Abide
Class Fee: $45

Building on concepts introduced in our B&W101 class, this 3 hour workshop affords students the opportunity to develop more advanced techniques utilised in the making of exhibition-quality prints. This intermediate workshop is aimed at those with darkroom experience. Ideally participants will have already completed the introductory course. Please come with developed negative that you’d like to work with. Minimum 2, max 4See deposit and registration info below.


Creative Darkroom Manipulation

Saturday, December 16  (11-4pm)
Instructor: Brit Davis
Workshop Fee: $90

Learn the techniques involved in making creative darkroom manipulations to images as a hands-on chemical process. Photoshop is not the only way to make experimental images! Topics covered include solarization, selective development, paper negatives, and chromoskedasic sabattier. The workshop includes demos of all these techniques with plenty of work time. Students are expected to provide photographic paper. Basic darkroom experience is recommended, but not required. Minimum 2, max 5. See deposit and registration info below.


Cyanotype Printing with Digital Negatives

Saturday, January 27  (11-4pm)
Instructors: Brit Davis & Mark Klepac
Workshop fee: $90

Contemporary digital transparency films have breathed new life into 19th century photographic processes such as cyanotypes. In this workshop, demos will cover how to print a digital negative using Photoshop and transparency film, and how to coat and properly handle paper with cyanotype chemistry. Participants will be able to make their own negatives from an image they will bring, coat their own paper with chemistry, expose it to the sun or with our UV exposure unit, and leave with 3-5 finished prints. Experience with Photoshop is recommended. Participants will need to bring digital images on a flash drive, all other materials are provided. Minimum 3 people, max 5. See deposit and registration info below.


Darkroom Exploration for Teens

Check back for future dates.
Instructor: Brit Davis
Workshop Fee: $150

Do you love taking photos? Have you ever wanted to learn how to take photos using film or the sun? This two-day workshop will provide a unique, creative, and supportive learning environment for teenagers ages 13-17. Over the course of two exciting days, you will learn about the aesthetics and technical processes of “old school” photography. You will be introduced to pinhole cameras, cyanotype printing, black and white 35mm film development, and creative darkroom printing techniques. All materials will be provided. No photography experience is necessary. Minimum 3, max 5. See deposit and registration info below.


Mat-Cutting Basics

Please email us to schedule an appointment.
Instructor: Daniel Abide
Workshop fee: $35

Save yourself from expensive framing costs by learning to cut your own window mats! We will discuss different approaches to matting styles, demystify the math involved, and learn how cut on the darkroom’s own professional matting system. Participants should bring a sheet of 32×40″ matboard and whatever prints they may want to mat. No minimum, limited to 5. See deposit and registration info below.


Darkroom Basics

Check back for future dates.
Instructor: Jason Scott Furr
Workshop fee: $10

Learn why we still love the darkroom in this introductory workshop! No camera, negatives, or photographic skill required. Participants will learn how to make photograms – unique prints created by placing objects on photographic paper– as well as the more common practices of contact and enlarger printing with negative film. No minimum, maximum of 5. See deposit and registration info below.


Exploring Chemigrams

Check back for future dates.
Instructor: Jason Scott Furr
Workshop Fee: $50

Chemigrams are a fascinating way to create abstract photographic imagery without the use of enlargers, negatives, or even safelights. Jason will demonstrate the use of various resists, mark-making techniques, and chemical variations to make these unique images. We will provide the photographic paper, but if you have any expired/old paper it is welcome! No photography experience is necessary. No minimum, max 5. See deposit and registration info below.


Fundamentals of Composition

Check back for future dates.
Instructor: Tim Lewis
Workshop fee: $75

In this class we will examine the basic methods of composition to help you think critically about your images. We will look at traditional Elements of Design through framing, perspective, shape and proportion, contrast, use of lines and “odd” rules. Students will have opportunities to try out their new knowledge through practice with outdoor photo walks and feedback. Students should bring books or magazines with images to discuss, and some manner of digital camera (phone or DSLR are fine). Minimum 3, max 8. See deposit and registration info below. 


Basic Pinhole Camera Shooting and Printing

Check back for future dates.
Instructor: TBA
Workshop fee: $50

Never been in a darkroom before and don’t have a camera? This workshop is a great way to learn how to make photographic images in a very basic way. Pinhole cameras and paper are provided. Participants will shoot, develop their paper pinhole negatives, see a demo of how to print positive photos from them, and have remaining time to make their own positives. Students are expected to provide photographic paper. No photography experience is necessary. Minimum 3, max 8. See deposit and registration info below.


Extreme Pinhole Camera Building

Check back for future dates.
Instructor: Ken Klehm
Workshop fee: $100

In this 2 day workshop we will be discussing how to make cameras out of objects that don’t seem to be camera-worthy. Participants will bring in anything hollow that they believe can be made lightproof (or use something that the instructor brings in) to make a unique pinhole camera. We will talk about how to properly size and make a pinhole lens for that object, with shutter designs and film loading/holding as part of the design. We will also look at the camera as part of the of the aesthetics of the photographs it takes, and using the camera in the final presentation.. Minimum 3, max 5. See deposit and registration info below.


Fun facts about deposits:

  • All workshops require a $20 deposit to secure your slot.
  • Class/workshop deposits are needed by 5pm two days before the event begins.
  • Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations within 24 hours of class/workshop start time, and for no-shows.
  • Deposits will be refunded if the minimum enrollment is not met.