Expansion Moving Day

Last Friday and Saturday, Bridget, Ken, Scott, and Daniel made the first major step in our expansion of moving our color facilities into our new space. Our three color enlargers, along with our color processor, now sit in the back of our new space, protected by a curtain from dim light. Working members have already been printing in the new… Read more →

Color Printing is finally here!!

Thanks to the efforts of Harry Burris and Amelia Smith, we will begin offering Color Print memberships in September! Our Fujimoto CP-51 is capable of making prints of 20″ wide. See the updated Memberships page for details.  

“The Inverted Picture Show” first work meeting

Co-Directors Bridget and Jason met with Eric at Velleca Metal Design this morning to start some tests for “The Inverted Picture Show” for {Re}Happening this April.    It was still too dim to photograph with these tests, but indeed the magic of optics created an image! Thrilling to see the first steps give a result. We learned a lot and… Read more →

Creative Darkroom Manipulation workshop

How much fun was this workshop, you ask? We played with composite printing, selective development, paper negatives, solarization, and Chromoskedasic Sabattier. Who needs Photoshop? This workshop will run again in January!