photo+craft festival comes to Asheville in March

Clarissa Sligh, "What's Happening with Momma?"
Clarissa Sligh, “What’s Happening with Momma?”

The Asheville Darkroom is pleased to announce their partnership with photo+craft, a unique festival held in various locations throughout Asheville from March 31 – April 3. photo+craft questions and celebrates the intersections of the worlds of Photography and Craft with panel discussions, exhibitions, lectures, and workshops, with most events free and open to the public.

Sponsored by Warren Wilson College, photo+craft is organized by a six-member team of artists and art advocates in Asheville, including Darkroom Executive Director Bridget Conn. The Asheville Darkroom will participate in photo+craft programming by offering “Cameraless Photography: Silver Figurative Rendering Salon” — a workshop by Asheville photographic artist Robert Asman on Saturday April 2. Registration for Robert’s workshop is now open with a full description on our website.

In addition to primary programming, photo+craft will highlight additional events and exhibitions in Asheville and beyond that fall into the scope of the festival’s interests, known as “+and“. The darkroom’s contribution to +and is our Silverspace exhibition “Make Mine Ours“: mordancage prints by Louisiana artist Andrea Laborde Barbier, on view from March 4 – May 1, 2016.

Registration for photo+craft is not required but is appreciated for assistance in possible future programming. The full schedule is located on the website,, with additional conversation happening on the photo+craft Facebook page.

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