Expansion Moving Day

Last Friday and Saturday, Bridget, Ken, Scott, and Daniel made the first major step in our expansion of moving our color facilities into our new space.

Our three color enlargers, along with our color processor, now sit in the back of our new space, protected by a curtain from dim light. Working members have already been printing in the new space, which affords a lot more room than our previous setup. Within the next couple weeks, each enlarger will again be blocked off so that up to three people may print simultaneously.

Our plan had previously been to also move the BW darkroom into the new space, but we have encountered some plumbing challenges that we are still working out. Right now, the remainder of the new space is being used for storage of our sinks, and also for the use of our Jobo for color film (although we do not have plumbing in this new space, it has proven easy enough to cart in water for use in the Jobo and Fujimoto).

The BW darkroom has opened up considerably as a result of the move! We now have the office area all set up in the front of the space near the door. We plan to move either the drying racks or storage cabinets, and once that is done, we can take on two more BW enlargers where the desk once was. That would bring us to a total of 6 BW enlargers and 3 color.

As a result of the new space, we have also set up the Epson 7800, an initiative sponsored by the Asheville Area Arts Council. We hope to have details soon for those members of our community wanting to make up to 24″ archival inkjet images! More additions for the new space which will be set up in the coming weeks include a 20″x 20″ Alt Process exposure unit, surfaces for matting and framing, and possibly our 4-light copystand (which needs a few supplies).

We invite you to visit our new space during Studio Stroll weekend, November 14 and 15, and at our Supporting Member Appreciation Party on Saturday November 14, 7-10pm. Supporting Memberships help sustain the darkroom and ensure that we have a future to continue to expand our programming and offerings for the community. These memberships start at just $35 per year — learn how to become one here.

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