Our Supporters 2014-2015

Big thanks to Crow and Quill for hosting our October 2014 fundraiser! We also introduced our Supporting Memberships in October 2014 for those who want to make a tax-deductible financial contribution to help sustain the future of the darkroom. Learn how to become a Supporting Member at any time of the year!


Our Supporting Members for 2014/2015:

Amy Sullivan Josh Sullivan Corey George Conner Adams
Kenneth Christensen Bridget Conn Emmett McGregor Nathaniel Bennett
Sara LeDonne Dr. and Mrs. Houck Medford Asheville Area Arts Council Kenneth Klehm
Denise Carbonell Crystal Doster Allison Erazmus Garrett Hansen
Jason Scott Furr Geraldine Powell Steve Homer Diana Brewster
Ann Batchelder Eric Baden Ursula Gullow Michael Carlebach
Thomas Williamson


The Crow and Quill benefit donors, artists, promoters, and assistance:

Asheville Barber and Beard The Center for Craft, Creativity, and Design The Captain’s Bookshelf Double Crown
Downtown Books and News Izzy’s Coffee Den Diana Wortham Theatre Malaprops
Highland Brewing Company Headway Recordings Burial Brewing Co. NC Stage Company
Asheville Brewery Tours Eating Asheville food tours Chapeaux by Simone Old North
Wedge Brewing Honeypot Static Age Records Battery Park Book Exchange
Anna Helgeson Bridget Conn Jason Scott Furr Sebastian Collett
Conner Adams Daniel Abide Colby Caldwell Eric Baden
Dawn Roe Charles Williams John Dearing  Jennifer Coates
Ursula Gullow Jane Wiley Alicia Armstrong  Laura Ladendorff
Alexis Culver Henco Reprographics Mountain Xpress
and the awesome staff at The Crow and Quill, thank you Casey!


And our volunteer monitors, board members, and directors who keep the darkroom running:

Anna Helgeson Amy Sullivan Daniel Abide Eric Baden
Jason Scott Furr Conner Adams Bridget Conn  Amelia Smith

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