Our Supporters 2013

We had another great year with a benefit and online campaign which has kept the darkroom running into 2014. Big thanks to everyone listed below!


Our Indiegogo Backers:

Ali McGhee Chris Stinnett Jason Biggs Lauren Hasty
Paola Nazati Clay Harmon Clark Harris Josh Baker
Kyle Huff Charles Kamper Jennifer Trudrung Erin Fussell
Barry Underwood Jordan Pemberton John Dearing Tommy Williamson
Nashville Community Darkroom Sarah Ledonne Emily Gomez Ernesto Gomez
Ariel Kessler Janet Robbins Constance Vlahoulis Laurie Schorr
The Light Factory Ursula Gullow Dawn Roe Jake Sergent
Simone Owings Tess Scheflan Kenneth Klehm Anderson Wrangle
James Flynn Michael Carlebach Corey George Ken Christensen
Marilyn Barbour Laila Alamiri Eric Baden Lois Clements
Amaryn Clare Carrie Holme Lucia Clements Jenny Bowen
Ryann Linton Doug Ellingson


The Odditorium benefit performers, donators, artists, promoters, and assistance:

Option Anxiety (Andre Cholmondeley) Claypool Wes Tirey DJ Minori Hinds
Jason Scott Furr Izzy’s Coffee Den Diana Wortham Theatre Malaprops
Highland Brewing Company Asheville Art Museum Burial Brewing Co. Hi-Wire Brewing
Asheville Brewery Tours Eating Asheville food tours Chapeaux by Simone Asheville Wine and Food Festival
Wedge Brewing True Blue Art Supply Fresh Wood Fired Pizza and Pasta Marla Mirabal
Fine Arts Theatre Downtown Books and News Mountain Lights PUSH Skate Shop
JR Berry Daniel Abide Laila Alamiri Wesley Duffee-Braun
Dawn Roe Charles Williams Margaret Curtis  Gray Hales
John Cram Andy Finkle Jason Sandford  Carol Motsinger
Henco Reprographics Critter Thomas
and the awesome staff at The Odditorium — Tamy Kuper, Amy Marshall, Matt Evans


And our volunteer monitors, board members, and directors who keep the darkroom running:

J.R. Berry Laila Alamiri Daniel Abide Eric Baden
Jaime Marie Gonzales Jason Clements Bridget Conn



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